Where is God ? | Sultan ul Arifeen Hazrat Sultan Bahoo

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Where is God ?


On this earth, from the first day we keen to know that where is God? the answer of this question is replied by famous Sufi Sant of Subcontinent Hazrat Sultan Bahoo in his book Ain-ul-Faqr “ also known as The soul of Faqr”.

Faqeer Bahoo informs the travellers of the mystic way that Allah is neither in the six dimensions nor in the sun, moon or the four basic elements i.e. earth, water, air and fire, neither you can find Allah through intellectual discussions nor through ignorance,neither is He bound by time, space or states nor can be viewed in physical beauty of things. His closeness can neither be gained through lengthy supplications or recital rounds nor through esoteric pious deeds or asceticism, neither by begging from door to door nor by wearing rags or keeping quite. Get to know and understand it verily that Allah is in the heart of the possessor of Divine secrets (Insam-e-Kamil- The Divine Universal Man). If you come (to him to know this secret)  the doors are open and if you do not then Allah does not need anyone.

Allah! You are concealed in the heart of every possessor of the Divine secret. This secret is revealed upon those who seek it and always look forward to Your kindness.

Ain ul Faqr Sultan Bahoo

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