Prophet Mohammad’s Exalted Morals

Essence means those characteristics or manners that unconsciously become part of a person’s personality. These attributes come naturally to him as he does not need to make any effort to implement them. Imam Ghazali rehmat-ul-Allah alayh said:

“Essence is that steady state of the innerself which allows a person to perform his everyday actions effortlessly in a way that a person does not need to consciously think about them.”

Such attributes and characteristics of a person define who he is. As in what is his culture, customs, intellect, wisdom and nature like. In any society, decline of the moral values and darkness of ignorance prevails when it lacks a perfectly accomplished man with high morals and characteristics. For example, the era before Prophet Mohammad sall’Allahu alayhi wa’alihi wasallam.

Ignorance in Arab Before Prophet Mohammad

Fourteen and half centuries ago, the Arab world was drowned in the darkness of infidelity and idolatry.  There were no signs of high moral, culture and refinement. In fact, year after year the Arabs were seen in the battlefield fighting with each other on minor differences. There was no one to guard the honor of common people. Fathers buried their alive baby girls right after their birth. In short, the human life was worthless. Idolatry and holding partners with Allah were at their peak. The indecent morals in society had elevated to an extent that people did not consider it inappropriate to circumambulate around Kaaba naked. In a nutshell, ignorance with its all baggage was at peak and there was no hope for humanity to germinate or revive.

Allah Almighty’s rule is to rise the sun of righteousness from the place which has reached ultimate ignorance. That’s when the righteous rays of the sun enlighten the darkness of ignorance. Ultimately, it takes the humanity to the path of welfare and prosperity which results in their progress. Just like prophet Moses was brought up in the court of Pharaoh and the upbringing of prophet Abraham took place at the house of a special wazir of Nimrod. Similarly, Allah Almighty sent Prophet Mohammad to the land of Arab that was immersed in despair and ignorance. Allah Almighty put Holy Prophet at the exalted status of prophethood. In fact, prophethood ended on him and he guided the Arabs towards welfare and prosperity.

 Prophets are Sent for Character Building

Character and moral are those aspects of one’s personality which distinguish him from others. The following hadith of Prophet Mohammad justifies the statement.

“The person with best morals is better amongst all.”

All prophets in every era emphasized on development of humane behavior and conduct. They not only preached good morals rather set an example by personally implementing these virtues. This is because, Allah Almighty blessed prophets with unique attributes and characters. Therefore, they provided guidance to people in a special and firm way. Consequently, introducing pious and virtuous people in the society which verify man’s status of being noblest of all creatures. To validate this status, man should not only have high intellect but also have high moral and character.

Manners of Prophet Mohammad Lead to Welfare

When a person eradicates all the beastly characters in him, only then he becomes capable of achieving exalted morals. Also, when he molds his body and soul into the manners of Prophet Mohammad, only then is he included in the list of the people who gain welfare and prosperity.

Whenever someone talks about exalted morals and virtues, inevitably we sketch Prophet Mohammad’s glorious personality in our mind. Undoubtedly, Prophet Mohammad is distinct and superior to all human beings due to his exalted virtues. Allah Almighty says the following in sura al-Qalam of holy Quran:

اِنَّکَ لَعَلٰی خُلُقٍ عَظِیْم

Meaning: Assuredly, you are placed high on the Most Glorious and Exalted (seat of) character. (i.e., adorned with the Quranic morality and endowed with the character traits of Allah). (68:4)

Allah Almighty has also emphasized on the importance of pursuing the aforementioned exalted characters. In sura al-Ahzab, Allah says:

لَقَدْ کَانَ لَکُمْ فِیْ رَسُوْلِ اللّٰہِ اُسْوَۃٌ حَسَنَۃٌ

Meaning: In truth, (in the sacred self of) Allah’s Messenger there is for you the most perfect and beautiful model (of life).

Character Defines the Personality

It is a common observation that the characteristics of a person become a dominant part of his personality from a young age. Based on these morals and characters a child’s impression is set in the mind of his parents or relatives. Prophet Mohammad, even as a child had a pure and exalted trait. The Arabs used to testify his high moral. They titled him ‘truthful’ and ‘trustworthy’ because of his honesty and authenticity.

Prophet Mohammad’s Call to Prophethood

When Prophet Mohammad claimed his prophethood publicly, he ascended on a mound and gathered Arabs near it. He then addressed them as follows:

“If I tell you that an enemy from the other side of this mountain is preparing to attack you, would you believe me?”

They responded: “Surely, we would believe you as we have always found you truthful.” Upon this, Prophet Mohammad called people to worship Allah and cut their cords with the idols. Also, he declared himself as the last Prophet and Messenger of Allah. Hearing this, the Arabs who verified Prophet’s truthfulness, in fact went in denial and got incensed.

Even then, Prophet Mohammad did not give up and continued his efforts of conveying Divine message and preaching Islam.

Prophet Mohammad’s Call towards Righteousness

The Holy Prophet invited people towards the path of piousness, purity, righteousness, devoutness and worship of Allah.  Furthermore, he forbade people from stealing, lying, looting, assassination, adulteration, etc. Prophet Mohammad continued his preaching of Islam during his thirteen years in Mecca. Here, regardless of all the adversaries, vilifications, accusations, conspiracies and threats, Prophet Mohammad continued his preaching while maintaining his exalted moral and character. He put up with all the adversaries for the sake of Allah and to fulfil his mission of spreading the creed of righteousness.

Abu Lahab’s wife carried thorns and cast them in the way of Prophet Mohammad. In response, he never scolded or cursed her. Abu Lahab as well did not leave any stone unturned in opposing and dissenting Prophet Mohammad. The animosity and maliciousness of the infidels of Mecca reached such an extent that the Prophet received the following revelation:

“Perished be the two hands of Abu Lahab and he be perished himself (he has pointed finger to Our Beloved)! Neither his inherited wealth nor his earned riches have given him any benefit. Soon he will tumble into the flaming fire. And his (damned, wretched) wife (too) who carries (on her head) the burden of (thorny) twigs (and spreads them in the way of Our Beloved, to injure the holy soles of his feet). Around her neck will be (the same) palm-fiber rope (she uses to bind the bunch of thorny twigs).” (111:1-5)

Prophet Mohammad Exhibited High Moral Even in Hardships

Despite all hardships, Prophet Mohammad continued his mission of spreading the immortal message of Allah with dignity and high moral. It was by virtue of his exalted moral that the undisciplined, uncivilized and benighted Arab tribes turned towards righteousness. He replaced the filth of their inward with love and affection and turned them into the believers of Islamic creed. Due to this astonishing achievement of Prophet Mohammad, the world recognizes him as the greatest personality.  Even non-Muslims hold him at a higher pedestal when it comes to human character. The Holy Prophet said the following about himself:

انما بعثت لاتمم مکارم اخلاق

Meaning: (Allah) has sent me to perfect good manners and do good deeds. (Bukhari)

The Virtues and Characteristics of Prophet Mohammad

It is not possible for a common human being to cover all aspects of Prophet Mohammad’s exalted morals. Therefore, in the following paragraphs we have tried to briefly describe few manners or habits of Prophet Mohammad.

1-      Cleanliness and Purity

Prophet Mohammad not only paid attention to his cleanliness, hygiene and self care but he also instructed others about it. In a Hadith, Prophet Mohammad states, الطہور شطر الایمان Meaning; ‘Cleanliness is the part of the faith.’

2-      Use of Fragrance

Prophet Mohammad liked fragrance a lot. In fact, in his travel case, he always carried oil, comb, kohl, mirror, scissors, and miswak.

3-      Mannerism

Holy Prophet was the epitome of good manners. He was always respectful and considerate of others. In fact, he never said anything to hurt or embarrass anyone. He never insulted anyone and was an ideal being in terms of manners and ethics. Certainly, the world has not seen the like of him.

4-      Modesty

Another striking attribute of Prophet Mohammad is his modesty. Aisha bint Abu Bakr said that Holy Prophet was even more modest than an unmarried, veiled modest girl. He always kept his gaze lowered out of modesty.

5-      Patience

Another hallmark of Prophet Mohammad’s personality is his patience. He withstood many types of harm, difficulties and tribulations with patience. The polytheists harmed him with their mischiefs, but he remained patient and steadfast. Rather, he forgave his enemies and prayed in their favor. Prophet’s journey to Ta’if during his life in Mecca is a great example of pardoning and tolerance. People of Ta’if tyrannized and oppressed him. Resultantly he bled and wounded so profusely that he almost collapsed. It was there that Angel Gabriel came to him and said, “If Prophet Mohammad wanted, he would crush people of Ta’if in between the mountains.”

To this, the response of Prophet is the example of its own kind in terms of forbearance and forgiveness. He (pbuh) replied:

“Allah has sent me as a mercy and beneficence for both worlds. I am certain that their children will be among the believers of Islam and (Allah’s) Prophet.”

6-      Simplicity and Elegance

Despite being simple, Holy Prophet always looked noble, gentle and honorable. He hated vulgarity, blasphemy or profanity. If someone got involved in such talk, Prophet would turn his face away from him.

7-      Kept Promise

Another great character of Prophet Mohammad is that he always kept his promises and vows. After the treaty of Hudaybiyyah, Abu Jandal got tired of the oppressions of the non-Muslims, fled to Medina and reached the court of Prophet Mohammad in wounded state. Yet Prophet Mohammad sent him back to Mecca in compliance to the already signed treaty.

8-      Helpful to Needy

Prophet Mohammad always helped the needy and poor. No beggar ever returned empty handed from his court. At times, when he did not have anything to give, he would take loan from someone, starve himself but fulfil the need of the deprived.

Why One Must Follow the Traits of Prophet Mohammad?

Prophet Mohammad practiced all the virtues and morals that Allah Almighty stated in Quran. Therefore, it is fair to say that the sacred self of Prophet Mohammad is the embodiment of the Holy Quran.

The secret of welfare and prosperity of any human being is to follow the unparallel personality of Prophet Mohammad. The key factor that brings reverence and respect to the Prophet in both Islamic and non-Islamic circles is his character. In a nutshell, no matter whichever walk of life it is, whatever situation of life it is, a person must turn towards the personality of Prophet Mohammad and find that particular piece of guidance from it.

How to Attain Manners of Prophet Mohammad?

In order to mold oneself into a particular personality, one must stay in company of that personality. Moreover, one must have observed his day and night, virtues and characters.  Merely by reading books it is neither possible to get rid of one’s lowly characters nor sanctify the innerself.

Although the prophethood of Prophet Mohammad ever remains till the Doomsday. However, he is not physically present amongst us. In that instance, it is important to idealize such personality who truly reflects the sacred self of the Prophet in his virtues and manners. Such a personality is none other than the sacred self of the perfectly accomplished Fakir.

The Perfect Fakir is the Reflection of Prophet’s Attributes

Certainly, the perfect Fakir is at the exalted level of annihilation with Allah and annihilation with the Prophet. It is by virtue of passing through these levels that make him the embodiment of the characters of Prophet Mohammad. As at the level of اِذَا تَمَّ الْفَقْرُ فَھُوَ اللّٰہ remains nothing in him but the sacred self of Prophet. Such Fakir is the perfect follower of Sharia and is on the footsteps of Holy Prophet. His every act truly reflects the akhlaq or the exalted morals of Prophet Mohammad.


The Perfect Fakir of the Present Era

We are fortunate to have the perfect Fakir amongst us which is none other than Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman. He is the 31st perfect spiritual guide of the Sarwari Qadri order and the reviver of the religion Islam. Undoubtedly, every aspect of his personality is analogous to the sacred manners of Prophet Mohammad. He dedicated his life in spreading Faqr which is the true heritage of Prophet Mohammad. Following the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad, he is sanctifying the innerself of the seekers of Allah. Regardless of countless animosities, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen is making tireless efforts to promote the true spirit of religion Islam. He did not even think of backing out of his mission even for a second due to hardships and struggles of the way.

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen is so kind and compassionate towards each disciple that everyone thinks that he loves him the most. Not losing patience even in unfavorable conditions is one his marvelous characteristics.

Ending Note

In the present era, if someone wants to adopt the manners of Prophet Mohammad, then he must join the sacred company of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen. Furthermore, observe the exalted morals of Prophet Mohammad in the personality of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen and then try to embrace them. In order to achieve that, one must frequently visit his sacred court and benefit from his company and spiritual attention.

Tehreek Dawat-e-Faqr invites all seekers of Allah to attain Ism-e-Allah Zaat from Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen. Furthermore, to benefit from his sacred company visit the Khanqah of Sarwari Qadri order.

May Allah guide us to walk on the ways of Prophet Mohammad and follow his manners and exalted morals. Ameen

This article is the English version of the Urdu article ‘Ausaf-e-Hameeda Sawar Doualam’. Mohammad Yousaf Akbar Sarwari Qadri originally penned this article for Monthly Sultan-ul-Faqr magazine, November 2019 edition. Fatima Noor Sarwari Qadri translated it in English with few changes. To read the original article click the link below:

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