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The Sharia (Shariat)

Those who plot propaganda against Faqr, Fakirs and their followers in the name of Oneness of Allah (tawhid) often blame Sufi Saints for avoiding sharia. Moreover in some cases even renouncing sharia. However, it is crystal clear that both Faqr and Fakirs and all the mystic hard work and struggle attached to them forms their bases upon love and piety (taqwa). Hence it is the real soul of religion.

There is, however, a possibility that these accusers must have observed the lawlessness of a specific set of so-called spiritual practitioners (fake spiritual guides). Therefore on that basis have given their verdict against the true Fakirs as well. Yet the fact is that all of the perfect Fakirs have always acted upon the pure form of sharia.

However, if someone overcomes by the state of being a majdhub or a qalandar (qalander is a Mystic who does not follow rules and regulations) or the state of intoxication prevails etc. then he may lose his senses but its punishment has already been set by sharia through Mansur al-Hallaj who was hung to death.


Sharia in words of Sultan-ul-Faqr VI

Sultan-ul-Faqr VI Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali said:

  • Sharia means the collection of exoteric as well as esoteric knowledge of the religion. Important to realize is that anyone who possesses only one kind of knowledge should not claim to be the possessor of sharia.
  • I received every status by following sharia.
  • Without following and practising the sacred sharia completely one cannot attain any station or destination of Faqr. In fact all the stages of Faqr are possible by the blessing of sharia. (Sultan-ul-Faqr VI Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali Life and Teachings)



Sultan ul Arifeen Sultan Bahoo spent his entire life in compliance with the Sunna of Prophet Mohammad and his sharia. Moreover it was to such an extent that not a single form of worship remained unperformed by him.


Every station and level in Faqr is obtained by following sharia

He said:

باھوؒ ایں مراتب  از شریعت یافتہ

پیشوائے خود شریعت ساختہ

Meaning: Bahoo found all the distinguished levels by following sharia, he made sharia his guide. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

برد بالا عرش و کرسی با شریعت شاہراہ

ہر مقامش خوش بدیدم سِرِ وحدت از اِلٰہ

Explanation: I reached above the Throne and the Chair through the way of sharia. Moreover I have thoroughly observed all the spiritual levels and waystations. Then Allah blessed me with the Divine secret of His Oneness. (Ain-ul-Faqr)


Sultan Bahoo laid importance of sharia in the start of his book Ain-ul-Faqr

He has written in his book Ain-ul-Faqr:

I have titled this book ‘Ain-ul-Faqr (meaning ‘the soul of Faqr’)’. In the first place it guides all the common and special seekers of Allah. As well as the annihilated Fakirs at all the levels whether initial, middle or final. Furthermore it blesses them with the great beneficence of the right mystic path by revealing upon them the observation of Divine secrets. It showers upon them the theophanies of light of the Oneness of the Divine Essence. Hence it raises their level from the knowledge of certainty to eye of certainty and then truth of certainty by the benediction of true love of Allah. Allah says in a Qudsi Hadith:

 کُنْتُ کَنْزًا مَخْفِیًا فَاَ حْبَبْتُ اَنْ اُعْرَفَ فَاخَلَقْتُ الْخَلْقَ لِاُعْرَفَ

Meaning: I was a hidden treasure, I desired to be recognized, so I created the creation for My recognition.

Only those recognize Allah who remain steadfast upon the sacred way of the Holy Prophet. Moreover they never deviate from the right path by going against the way of the Prophet or involving in heresy and deceptive ways.

All the ways repudiated by sharia are surely infidelity. As they are the ways of Satan or inciting innerself (an-nafs al-ammarah). Moreover they create wrong desires of the contemptible world. All of which are like a brigand (for the travellers of the right path). (Ain-ul-Faqr)


Sultan Bahoo emphasizes on sharia in all his books

Sultan ul Arifeen Sultan Bahoo has laid stress on following the purified path of sharia in a lot of his books. He further has instructed that without truly following the path of sharia no one can ever reach any station or destination in the mystic way and gnosis. It is important to realize that one attains all the levels of Faqr by the blessings of sharia.

Every page of the book (Aurang Shahi) guides towards following the path of obedience to Prophet Mohammad. (Aurang Shahi)


What rejecting sharia actually means in words of Sultan Bahoo

He said:

It is obligatory upon the true seeker to follow sharia. He should obey whatever order it gives. Whatever is against sharia and the Holy Quran is the way of inciting innerself, the carrion world and the Satan. (Deedar Bakhsh)

Every way rejected by sharia is infidelity. While every way which sharia and Quran allows is the way of Islam.  (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

Without following the sharia, life of a person is sheer shame and disgrace. The base and origin of sharia is Quran and Hadith. There is nothing out of Quran and it never will be. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

The path rejected by sharia is infidelity. (Aqal-e-Baydar)


Privileges of following sharia

One attains all the levels of Faqr by following the shariah of Prophet Mohammad. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

One achieves the levels and knowledge of Divine vision by following the shariah. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

شریعت شہر است آن دارالامن

نیست آنجا نفس قلب و روح تن

Meaning: Sharia is the city of eternal peace where there is neither self and inward nor soul and body. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

جز شریعت نیست راہے معرفت

اہل بدعت چیست باشد خر صفت

Meaning: There is no way to gnosis of Allah except following the sharia. People who make heresy in sharia are like donkeys. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

باھوؒ سر راستی در شرع کوش

از شریعت معرفت توحید نوش

Meaning: O Bahoo! If you want to know the secret of righteousness, follow the shariat. It will let you drink the goblet of gnosis of Divine Oneness. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

The beginning of Faqr is to follow shariat all the time. Moreover it is compulsory in all aspects so one can delve into the ocean of gnosis of Allah. It is to become familiar with the spiritual states and levels of Reality (haqiqa). (Aqal-e-Baydar)

The Mystic who is immortal with Allah is the one who perfectly follows sharia outwardly as well as perpetually keeps it in view inwardly. Nothing is outside the Quran and sharia. (Muftah-ul-Arifeen)

I attained every rank through the Quran and made it my leader and guide. (Deedar Bakhsh)


Guidance to seekers of Allah

He addressed the seeker of Allah:

O seeker of Allah! Whatever command shariat of Prophet Mohammad gives, you must obey it. (Deedar Bakhsh Khurd)

Whoever acquired Faqr, he got it solely from Prophet Mohammad and by the beneficence of his shariah. (Mehek-ul-Faqr Kalan)


Following shariah strictly through esoteric and exoteric training

Sultan ul Arifeen Sultan Bahoo strictly ordered to follow shariat in the process of esoteric training and spiritual elevation. He said:

What is Faqr? It is the heritage of the Holy Prophet. Its beginning as well as accomplishment lies in shariah. The true and perfect man is the one who never steps out of shariat whether he has been experiencing the spiritual states of intoxication (sukr), frenzy (masti), contraction (qabd), expansion (bast) since eternity or is an eternal lover of Allah and a man of Divine secrets. If he will do so, all his special ranks will be confiscated and he will be left perplexed in a rapturous state. (Ain-ul-Faqr)

The beginning and peak of Faqr is shariah and those who relinquish it are nowhere near to Faqr.

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