Present era and Teachings of Ghaus e Azam

Present era and Teachings of Ghaus e Azam

Being unaware of teachings of Islam, our societies are on constant decline. The one who has knowledge of space does not know about his neighbor. Enmity and prejudice have created the distance between individuals of same society. Now, it is a dire need to focus upon the moral values of society.  Although the members of the society are educated but unluckily there is lack of ethics.

It is irrefutable truth that spiritually accomplished personalities can reform societies.  Self-centered approach leads to hostility and hate. Moreover, it promotes bloodshed among members of same society. Thus, the society depicts the picture of hell.

Follow Quran and Sunna

The only possible solution is to follow Quran and Sunna of Prophet Mohammad whole heartedly. One should adopt the sacred company of pious and spiritually elevated Saints. Infact, they themselves are purified from all worldly and satanic impurities. Therefore, they are the only ones who can take the society out this dilemma.

Sufis promote the Love

Fakirs promotes message of love among masses. They love people for everyone is creation of Allah. Thus, teachings of perfect Fakir can lead society towards straight path.

Weak Faith

The Muslims of today are not practical rather they are only talkative. Although we believe in Prophet Mohammad and Quran but we do not seek guidance from Quran and Sunna. Rather we prefer our own thoughts and experiences. This has led to decline of our nation.

Why Divine Favour has not been bestowed on us?

Muslims have weak faith and they do not seek straight path. Therefore, Allah does not guide us just because of our own ignorance.

Love of World and Fear of Death

Muslim of today love world and its treasures. Ultimately, worldly love has eradicated Divine love from their inwards. Therefore, Muslims are entangled in the clutches of the world. Thus, Muslims follow worldly people instead of Allah.

Lack of Unity

Self-centered approach, personal interest and desires have eliminated unity among Muslims. Thus, non-Muslims are exploiting Muslims.

Lack of Education

Muslims are also lacking behind in the field of education. The enemy of Muslims are controlling Muslims because they are leading in education. Thus, they are weakening Muslims through media.

Laziness and Luxurious Life

The other reason of decline of Umma is their attitude of laziness. They have resorted to luxurious life instead of hard work. On the other hand Prophet Mohammad worked hard. Thus, Muslims are not following him.


Dishonesty has led us away from straight path. Dishonest behavior has disclosed weak faith of Muslim community. Non-Muslims have exploited this weakness of Muslims.


Muslim brotherhood has divided into sects and thus, forgot to hold rope of Allah i.e. Quran. Muslims are declaring each other an infidel. It ultimately leads to unrest among Muslims.

Lack of Guidance

No one is ready to correct himself rather everyone criticize other and guide them. Infact, it has become a common practice among Muslims. There is no self-accountability among Muslims.

Lack of Justice

Injustice promotes differences in any society as there is a saying of Ali ibn Abi Talib, “A society can survive with infidelity but cannot survive with injustice”.

The history of Muslim world speaks of the importance of justice in any society. In fact, justice led them to success and ruled the world. Muslims have always guarded the rights of minorities by ensuring justice. Moreover, it is a historical fact that those empires fell down which could not deliver justice. Thus, it was rule of injustice which defeated Muslim empire.  Presently, injustice has penetrated in Muslim society, thus leading to self-destruction.

There are also other factors which are contributing towards Muslim decline. Although enemies are also conspiring against Muslim but these are internal weaknesses which make the conspiracy successful.

Way to Success

Despite so much development there is no peace and prosperity. Therefore, it is a clear indication that the only way leading to peace is ‘Faqr’.

Since the start of life Allah has been sending His Messengers and perfect Saints to guide people towards straight path. Ghaus-e-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is included among perfect Saints whose foot is upon neck of every Saint.


There used to be thousands and thousands people in his company. Ghaus-ul-Azam had complete control over their inwards. He engrossed them in Divine vision. Moreover, he is emblem of straight path for those who seek Allah and His gnosis.

Sacred Birth of Ghaus-ul-Azam

He was born 470 H

Sacred Company of Ghaus-e-Azam

During his sermon, there used to be seventy thousands people. Moreover, he delivered sermon three days a week i.e. Friday, Tuesday and Sunday. People from all walks of  life participated in his gatherings including rulers, ministers, scholars and Fakirs. In addition, there used to four hundred scholars with pen and papers to note down his addresses.  Sheikh Abdul-Haq Muhaddith Dehlawi narrates, “There was not a single gathering of Ghaus-e-Azam in which some Christian, Jew or non-Muslim has not accepted Islam.

Teachings of Ghaus-e-Azam

Teachings of Ghaus-e-Azam are eternal. Not only he guided the people of his era but his teachings are a source of guidance for seekers of Allah till date.

Adopt the Company of Fakir

  • Company of bad people will turn you against pious. You will be successful if you spent your life according to the teachings of Quran and Prophet Mohammad.
  • O slave of Allah! Adopt the company of Saints as they have authority to bless anyone with gnosis no matter he is Christian, Jew or a magus.
  • Inward’s death is to become ignorant of invocation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. Therefore, the one who is desirous to live, he must dedicate his inward for Allah.
  • O invoker! Invoke Ism-e-Allah Zaat while contemplating that you are watching Him.

Submission to Allah’s will

Submit yourself to Allah’s will during fear, harm, prosperity, failure, good health and ailment. The only way to success for you is submission of Allah’s will.

Solution of Your Grief

O slave! If you can abandon yourself from grief, then you must do it. Otherwise be with Allah inwardly and seek his compassion until you get salvation from grief of the world.

Your actions determine your Ruler

O People! Follow Allah so that others follow you.  Accept the destiny and be the slave of destiny so that destiny itself starts following your command. Be obedient to fortune and destiny so that they become your obedient. There is a proverb that ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’. Therefore, your ruler will be exactly like you.

Outward is manifestation of Inward

Only that comes out of the pot whatever is present in it. Therefore, your actions speaks of your belief. Similarly your outward represents your inward. That is why some Saints have said, ‘Outward is a title of inward’. Thus, your outward is actually your inward in front of Allah and Saints.

Way to Gain Divine Knowledge

O Slave of Allah! Be quit in front of your destiny which Allah has decided for you, so that you become able to recognize blessings of Allah. Did you not hear the incident of servant of Galen of Pergamon?  His servant pretended to be dumb, fool, naïve and quiet until he learnt all knowledge of Galen of Pergamon. Thus, you cannot learn Divine knowledge by fighting and criticizing your inward.

Pure Intention

O Slave! You should try not to harm anyone and possess good intention for everyone. But it is a devotion to harm if it has been ordered by sharia.

Divine Love

O Slave! You love beautiful faces of the world which is a punishable act. The real love is the eternal love and that is the love of Allah. Moreover, you can observe Divine love with your esoteric eyes. In addition, such a love is the love of truthful (perfect Saints) and spiritually accomplished ones. Infact, they have Divine love not because of merely believing (in Allah) rather they have observed Divinity and reached the station of truth of certainty.

Renunciation of the World

O People! If you will turn your back upon the world and seek Allah, then the world will come to you itself. When world comes to the Saints, they renounce it and tell the world, ‘We know your reality, therefore deceive someone else. We already know, thus don’t try to deceive us. You are just like an idol made up of wood having no soul’.

Similarity between the Era before the arrival of Ghaus-e-Azam and Present Era

There is no doubt in it that present era is similar to the era that was just before Ghaus-e-Azam. One can observe that everyone is worshipper of inciting innerself. Everyone has ignored the soul of Islam. Moreover, everyone has his own sect. Despite all these, it is a fact that Saints remain present on earth all the time. Therefore, Allah is running the system of universe because of them. These perfect Saints hide themselves from people until Allah make them popular among people. These chosen ones play pivotal role in revitalizing the teachings of Islam. Thus, they call people towards Allah by following the Sunna of Prophet Mohammad.

Present Imam of Ghaus-e-Azam

The way Ghaus-e-Azam had blessed Islam with a new life by reviving all the teachings of Quran and Sunna, likewise Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman has revitalized teachings of Islam and eliminated the heresy, thus separated truth from falsehood. He is using all available resources and forum in the world to spread the real teachings of Islam. He has dedicated his whole life for this purpose. Undoubtedly, the way he has worked, his teachings will keep guiding the seekers of Allah in next centuries as well.

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