Perfect Murshid Sultan Bahoo’s

Warnings Against Satanic Distractions

Every true seeker of a perfect spiritual guide (Murshid) attains a level of spiritual elevation according to his sincerity and efforts. As long as he lives in this mortal world, human demands entangle him. Satan employs these human demands to mislead Allah’s seekers. Regardless of how high the seeker elevates spiritually, Satan continues to attack him by altering his stances. However, according to Sultan Bahoo rehmat-ulAllah Alayh, a true and a sincere seeker of Allah always remains alert. He escapes from these attacks due to his sincerity and humility but most importantly by staying attached with his spiritual guide. A true seeker does not let any hurdle come his way.

Allah sent human being in this physical world by making him the noblest of all creatures. Man is a powerful creature. He can conquer all creatures by using his intellectual and physical abilities and strengths. It is only the rising desires of innerself, which make him weak.

What is inciting innerself?

The perfect spiritual guide (Murshid) Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman says:

The innerself is the center of desires. All kinds of malevolent desires and rebellious thoughts rise here. It urges human being to disobey the commands of Allah, and acts like animals when lustful. When hungry, it forgets to distinguish between allowed and forbidden. When full, it becomes rebellious, obstinate, and arrogant. In short, the innerself of human being is never contented in any state.

Innerself is a veil between Allah and man. Once he gains control over it (in guidance of perfect spiritual guide) he is benefited with greatest blessing of Divine vision.


Satan is a stubborn, misled, impudent, disobedient but a powerless creation. His aim is to distract the travelers of straight path and distance them from Allah. To fulfil this aim, he seeks help from inciting innerself of human being. There is nothing in his capacity but to create doubts and raise desires.

Twenty-four calls of Satan on the Day of Divine Covenant

Sultan Bahoo says:

On the day of Divine covenant, some souls were very happy on accepting Allah as their God. Some souls at once regretted. Those were the souls of infidels, hypocrites, and liars.

Then Allah asked:

O souls! Ask me anything you want. I shall grant you.

They replied,

O Allah! We seek only You from You.

Then Allah presented all the beauties, charms, and luxuries of the world on the left side of the souls. First of all, Satan entered the world with the help of inciting innerself and raised twenty-four calls. On listening to these calls, ninety percent of the souls responded to Satan and followed his way. These twenty-four calls are:

  1. Music and dance
  2. Loving the apparent beauty
  3. Egoism and following the desires of innerself
  4. Addiction of wine
  5. Satanic innovations
  6. Leaving prayer
  7. Developing new devices for musical instruments such as tambourine, fiddle, flute, drum etc.
  8. Leaving the congregation (of Muslim brethren)
  9. Malice
  10. Oblivion
  11. Conceit
  12. Hypocrisy
  13. Greed
  14. Jealousy
  15. Arrogance and vanity
  16. Discord and schism
  17. Backbiting
  18. Polytheism
  19. Infidelity
  20. Ignorance
  21. Lie
  22. Distrust and suspicion
  23. Evil eye
  24. Covetousness

Whoever adopted any one or more of these attributes, listening to the calls of Satan in the spiritual world, belongs to the same group in the material world. As the Holy Prophet said:

It is the same now as it was in eternity. (Kaleed ul Tauheed Kalan)

Trials of seeker in the path of Faqr

It is clear from all the above discussion that whenever someone turns to seek Allah, he is tested, so that the sincere one can be distinguished from the insincere. At that point, the cursed Satan comes to distract him with the help of inciting innerself. It will not be inaccurate to say that innerself is another name of human thoughts. Also, actions of man are the reflection of his thoughts. If the axis of his thoughts is Allah, then innerself is high in dignity, but if the axis of thoughts is the desires of this world then that innerself is Satan’s friend.

Ali ibn Abi Talib razi Allah anhu says:

Keep your thoughts purer than the water drops because just as the drops makes river, thoughts make faith.

These twenty-four calls of Satan are nothing but the desires of innerself. Saints call them the diseases of innerself. For this reason, a perfect spiritual guide first removes them from the inward of Allah’s seeker so that the Satan is unable to attack through these desires and affections.

Satanic Attacks

A Sarwari Qadri perfect spiritual guide (Murshid) blesses his sincere seekers with the presence of Mohammadan Assembly and Divine vision through contemplation of Ism e Allah Zaat and mashq murqoom-e-wajudia (inscribing Allah’s name on the body). Just when the seeker annihilates in Divine Essence through love and Divine vision and initiates his efforts to dedicate himself for Allah’s love by abandoning worldly desires, Satan attacks him with the help of innerself.


Satanic tricks explained by Sultan Bahoo

Sultan Bahoo talks about the tricks of Satan in his book Kaleed ul Tauheed Kalan. It is so the seekers of Allah remain informed and shield themselves from these tricks.

He says:

Satan tries to trap the Mystic Fakir immortal with Allah through seven tricks:

First Satanic Trick

  1. He tries to make him adopt silence without engrossing in Divine deeds.

The Holy Prophet said:

Silence is the crown of true believers and a Divine consent.

But which kind of silence is admired?

The most admired silence in Allah’s court is the one where one remains  immersed in the observation of Divine presence. The true silence is to set free the soul from physical body and remain engrossed in Divine Essence.

Sultan Bahoo says:

Even though a Mystic remains silent outwardly but inwardly he is always conversing with Allah. However just when the seeker gets distracted from Allah, Satan shows him strange stunts inwardly and some miracles (Karamat) occur from him. If seeker concentrates on these stunts and miracles, he gets away from Allah and falls for the deceptions of innerself. Instead of gaining Allah’s closeness by adopting extrinsic silence, he then becomes entangled in Satanic tricks and forgets the invocation of Allah.

Second Satanic Trick

  1. He tries to make him adopt seclusion in some desert or isolated place so that he is prevented from offering prayer in congregation with Muslim brethren.

A spiritual guide removes the worldly love and desires intrinsically while Satan makes an effort to isolate him from the world extrinsically. He deludes the seeker by saying:

You have found Allah and whoever finds Allah becomes independent of everything. The world and its joys have become forbidden for you. Distance yourself from this cursed world so that you gain Allah’s closeness completely.

This is the reason many people invoke Allah on rosery by impersonating dervish attire and secluding themselves.  Their inward, however, remains engaged in the world. As soon as they adopt isolation, they become distant from the company of spiritual guide (Murshid). Just when the seeker becomes distant from his spiritual guide, evading from the attacks of innerself becomes impossible. He then falls face down due to the desires of innerself. A seeker should remember that renouncing worldly love inwardly while traveling the path of Faqr is vital. Outwardly neither our Holy Prophet neglected the responsibilities of the world nor a perfect  spiritual guide teaches that to his seeker.

Third Satanic Trick

  1. Third Satanic trick is that he tries to make him gather wealth with the ruse that he is not gathering it out of greed or covetousness but to spend upon the deserving people, Dervishes, Fakirs, widows, orphans, and the indigent. It is just a satanic trick, when enough wealth is gathered, usually people refuse even to give zakat.

First, Satan makes the seeker gather wealth through starvation by telling him to save it for giving in Allah’s way. Then allures the wish for elevating to a spiritual level in his inward. It must be remembered that in the way of Faqr wishing for a spiritual level is no less than the desire of innerself. Satan makes him realize that he is a Fakir, and that only the rich and wealthy people spend in the way of Allah. He also makes him realize that whatever a Fakir is granted, is in reward of his worships and he should spend that on himself. This way the seeker ceases to spend in the way of Allah.

Forth Satan Trick

  1. Satan tries to make him proud upon his praise so that he becomes arrogant and indulges in showing miracles and supernatural acts.

When a seeker begins his journey and obeys his spiritual guide whole heartedly, the spiritual guide with his spiritual powers makes him show some miracles. This is also a trial of the seeker. For instance,  whatever he prays, is accepted. Whatever he thinks become a reality. A true and a sincere seeker considers it entirely a beneficence of his spiritual guide (Murshid). But an insincere disciple, instead of turning towards Allah, becomes a victim of innerself and gets carried away in these miracles. There exist many false pirs (Sufi masters) in the world who spent some time in the company of a spiritual guide and became famous among people through the blowing of incantations, amulets, and charms. They forgot their spiritual guide and started winning awes from people and fell for self-appreciation.

Sultan ul Ashiqeen says:

Self-appreciation is a vice attribute. It occurs intrinsically and Satan is an active entity in building it.

Sultan Bahoo says:

O seeker! Leave narcissism and engross in Divine light so that you gain such presence of inward which is independent of the need of unity.

The one who indulged in narcissism became a victim of hell fire and a humble seeker whoever protected himself from it became deserving of Divine vision.

Fifth Satanic Trick

  1. Tries to make him go against the knowledge and scholars.

According to Quran and Hadith there exist scholars and perfect spiritual guides with spiritual efficacy in the world every moment. When a seeker joins their company, the path of knowledge and sharia opens for him. With the beneficence of knowledge that Allah granted him on day of Divine covenant, he travels from unconscious to conscious. The ignorance and innovation eliminates from his inward. It is impossible to travel the path of Faqr without outwardly gaining the knowledge of sharia from scholars. This is because the outward of Faqr is Sharia and its inward is Allah. Satan turns the seeker away from these scholars by saying that Faqr has nothing to do with outward and that it is a spiritual path. Moreover, he tells the seeker to concentrate on the inward and forget the outward.

Sultan Bahoo says:

Without a teacher (perfect spiritual guide), the student (seeker of Allah) cannot gain acquaintance with the knowledge of Quran.

Just when the seeker becomes distant from perfect scholars, he cannot understand the true reality and is misled. It is to remember that according to the teachings of Sultan Bahoo,  a perfect spiritual guide is in fact perfect scholar.

Sixth Satanic Trick

  1. Tries to make the seeker believe that his spiritual level has become higher than his spiritual guide’s level. When the seeker looks towards his level, Satan shows him satanic spectacles which make him believe the Satan. Hence, Satan keeps him away from his spiritual guide (Murshid) and degrades him to the cursed level.

Sultan Bahoo says:

Perfect spiritual guide is one who can reveal and grant all the spiritual levels to the true seeker of Allah, which is a process of years, on the very first day through the exercise of contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat and the Divine presence gained through Islamic creed

لَآ اِلٰہَ اِلاَللّٰہُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَّسُوْلُ اللّٰہُ

Meaning: None is worthy of worship except Allah and Mohammad is His Messenger.

which matures his existence. If the spiritual guide decides to bless the seeker, he grants him the entire hidden gnosis of Allah. (Kaleed ul Tauheed Kalan)


Success in Faqr is the beneficence of perfect spiritual guide (Murshid)

In the path of Faqr, all success, exaltation and any spiritual level gained by the seeker is entirely due to the beneficence of perfect spiritual guide. It is by no means an excellence of the seeker. But just when Allah benefits the seeker and grants him Divine vision inwardly, Satan tricks him that this is the last spiritual level and there is nothing beyond that. He says:

You have attained the highest level of Divine vision and closeness. Now you and your spiritual guide are at the same level i.e. you two have become equal.

When seeker commits a sin of considering himself on the level of his spiritual guide (Murshid), he forgets the respect. Then instead of submitting himself to his spiritual guide he wants his spiritual guide to follow his will. When humility and respect goes, he becomes disgraced in the court of his spiritual guide. This disrespect and disobedience  turned Satan out of knowledge of Divine presence and descended him in the darkness of disgrace.

Seventh Satanic Trick

  1. Tries to make the seeker believe that he has become one with Allah by saying that you have reached the level of ‘I am you and you are Me’, now you do not need to perform any worship or contemplate Ism-e-Allah Zaat, as Ism-e-Allah Zaat is just the name which is invoked to attain the vision of Allah which you have already achieved.

‘I am you and you are Me’ is the highest spiritual level where the seeker is blessed with perfect Divine unity. Elevation to this level is, when the seeker becomes the Universal Divine Man (al-Insan al-Kamil). In the world there is only one Universal Divine Man present at a time and he is the perfect spiritual guide. A perfect spiritual guide (Murshid) with his will and according to ability of seeker benefits him with one or the other  attribute of Allah. However, being attributed with one or more of countless attributes of Allah does not close the difference of ‘me’ and ‘you’. It is nothing without the favor of spiritual guide. Considering oneself perfect creates nothing but arrogance. It also becomes a source of distance from spiritual guide. For this reason, wishing for a spiritual level in the path of Faqr is looked down upon.

As Sultan Bahoo says:

While being in the state of Divine presence, the desire of union is also lust and polytheism.


What we conclude from Sultan Bahoo’s warnings

It becomes evident from Sultan Bahoo’s explanation of seven Satanic deceptions that the definite purpose of Satan is to separate Allah’s seeker from his spiritual guide (Murshid) by disgracing him in his court. For, Satan is fully aware that only a spiritual guide can bless the disciple with Divine union by protecting him from his attacks.

If the seeker is sincere and has taken oath of allegiance at the hand of perfect spiritual guide, he recognizes every trick of cursed Satan. Thus, hands over himself to the will of his spiritual guide (Murshid). An impudent disciple, however, separates himself from his spiritual guide by falling into Satanic tricks. He thus descends and becomes one among perplexed innovators. The desires of innerself subdue him and make him the seeker of Satan.

Sultan Bahoo says:

Ism-e-Allah Zaat is grand and holy, hence, does not sustain but in the holy and grand existence. It does not affect and benefit unless conferred by the perfect spiritual guide (Murshid) and invoked with utmost sincerity. (Kaleed ul Tauheed Kalan)


Why Allah created innerself and Satan

Innerself and the desires which Satan uses to distract a seeker are in fact the creation of Allah. If that is so, then why Allah even created them?

Remember! Allah created everything in this world for Himself. As soon as the seeker uses them for worldly benefit, he becomes distant from Allah.

Sultan Bahoo says:

Mystics also have desires, but their desire is the result of passion for Divine light and grace which keeps the desires of inciting innerself in control.

Allah created innerself so that He could test His seekers through it. No seeker can succeed in Faqr without going through trials. As this innerself burns in the kiln of trials, it turns from inciting innerself (an-nafs al-ammarah) to inneself at peace (an-nafs al-mutmainnah). And this innerself at peace is most admired by Allah.

The seeker of Allah should remain alert inwardly as well as outwardly to recognize whether the occurring desire is from inciting inneself or favored upon by Allah.

Mystic Fakirs remain immersed in Divine light of unity and despite the fact they remain alert. They stay safe from the attacks of Satan due to their closeness with spiritual guide (Murshid). About these people Allah says in the Quran:

O Satan! Indeed, your tricks will not work on My men. And your Lord is enough for them (Al-Rehman)


The perfect spiritual guide (Murshid) of present era

In the present era, the perfect Shaikh of Sarwari Qadri order Sultan-ul- Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman is spreading the beneficence of Faqr throughout the world. He led thousands of Allah’s seekers to the path of Faqr. Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen has benefitted countless people with the gnosis of Allah by transforming them from worldly seekers to the seekers of Allah. Thousands of non-Muslims have accepted Islam on his hands and adopted the path of Faqr. One indication of his perfect spiritual powers is that he looks after his disciples every moment and protects them from deceptions and attacks of innerself. Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen grants invocation and contemplation of Ism e Allah Zaat for salvation from tactics of innerself and Satanic deceptions.

All seekers of Allah are openly invited to join the company of Sultan ul Ashiqeen and gain invocation and contemplation of Ism e Allah Zaat. Hence to keep their inward from the adornment of this mortal world and the desires of innerself. Everyone is invited to adopt the path of Faqr as this is the only path to salvation and success.

May Allah grant us the favor to protect ourselves by recognizing Satanic deceptions and to always remain humble in the court of perfect spiritual guide (Murshid). Ameen!

 Note: The translation of this article is done using American English vocabulary.

This article was published in Mahnama Sultan-ul-Faqr Lahore titled as

طالبانِ مولیٰ کو بہکانے کے شیطانی حربے

in the issue of February 2020. It was originally written by Faiza Saeed Sarwari Qadri and is now translated in English by Sofia Sultan Sarwari Qadri. To read the original article, please visit:

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