This article explains about Sultan Bahoo miracles. Sultan Bahoo doesn’t need any formal introduction. He is a very famous Saint of Sarwari Qadri order. He born in Shorkot, which is situated in Jhang district of present day Pakistan. He  was a Saint by birth. He is stationed at the very elevated spiritual status of Sultan ul Faqr.

Although, Sultan Bahoo has a long list of miracles. We will mention two of Sultan Bahoo miracles here to keep this article short.

Sultan Bahoo Miracles since childhood

His complete biography is full of miracles. It is a very famous karamat of Sultan Bahoo that if a non-Muslim happened to make eye contact with him, he couldn’t resist but to convert to Islam. This karamat of Sultan Bahoo continued throughout his life.

Sultan Bahoo Miracles – His Teachings

Like the Holy Prophet (pbuh), he did not acquire any formal outward knowledge. However, due to the abundance of theophanies of Divine light, he was full of Divine knowledge inwardly. He authored more than 140 books. These books carry a treasure of Divine knowledge. It is one of Sultan Bahoo miracles that his books have a special spiritual attraction within them. Whosoever reads them with sincerity of intention finds the right path. Either he guides the seeker himself or directs the seeker to the living Shaikh of the Sarwari Qadri order. He himself has mentioned in many of his books that if a seeker of Allah cannot find a perfect spiritual guide, he or she should make his books a medium to reach the Almighty. He proclaims that his books will act as a guide for the seeker whether he is a beginner or an accomplished mystic.

Sultan Bahoo Miracles – Converting stones to gold

There is an incident of Sultan Bahoo miracle in Manaqib-e-Sultani. It goes: at the time when he used to cultivate land in Shorkot, a sayyid who was struggling financially was searching for a Saint who could help him come out of poverty. Someone directed him to Sultan Bahoo. The Sayyid travelled long distance to arrive in Shorkot in his search. People used to know him in the area as peasant instead of an accomplished Saint. This is common for Fakirs, they try to keep themselves disguised as common men and do not disclose their spiritual status.

Test of the Sayyid

When the sayyid arrived in Shorkot and enquired about him, people pointed him to the farms where he was busy cultivating the land. He was disappointed to hear from people that the only Bahoo they knew was a peasant and not a Fakir. As he turned around to return home, sultan bahoo, who knew his condition through inspiration called him. The Sayyid turned back in surprise and joy. He then explained the reason for his journey to him and requested him to pray for him. He asked him to hold his plough whilst he went to urinate. When he returned, he said to the Sayyid, “Shah sahib! You took so much trouble to come this long to see me. I am just a normal peasant.”

Hearing this, the sayyid lost hope and said in anger that he had to see this day. His comments made Sultan Bahoo angry, he threw the lump of clay that he used to clean himself after urinating, in the farm. The lump of clay rolled through the ploughed farm. To the surprise of the sayyid, all the clay lumps that it touched, turned into gold. He was left speechless seeing all that. He said to him that quickly collect all these and go away from there. This was because if the people had come to know about Sultan Bahoo miracle, they would have started to gather around him and his spiritual status would be disclosed.

There are many more Sultan Bahoo miracles that require a separate chapter.